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I’m always torn when it comes to new year’s resolutions; On the one hand I think it’s a silly arbitrary point to decide to change., on the other it’s an important step in progressing toward a goal. Those who think they’re bettering themselves already look down upon the resolutioners. But why? You were that same person at one point, no matter what day on the calendar it is. Instead of bickering about why people started to improve, let’s figure out how to get better. I believe the starting point is good Self-Assessment.

Why aren’t we constantly improving already?

Why did we leave it until now?

I thought I was better than that. Maybe I am, but maybe I’m not. We all get lost on our path. We start to forget which goals are most important and get dragged into a predicament where we’re trying to get better at everything and thus getting better at nothing. Even though we may be coming from a good place, we’re no longer as efficient as we need to be for our goals.

So here’s what we’re going to do. You don’t have to call it a resolution, but you need to do a self-assessment. Pick only one or two things for now and make those a priority to seek meaningful change.


Pick a goal


One thing that holds us back from mastering our goals is over complicating and distributing our focus too wide. Even in strength and conditioning we can overthink and over-complicate a program.

The solution?

Here’s some simple wisdom I often go back to. If you had a very limited time to master one specific thing (for a test, presentation etc.), how often would you do that thing!?


That’s what I suggest you do. Pick 1 thing that you want to improve and do that 1 thing like crazy for a few weeks. Spam it. Focus on it. Live it.

Start by doing a self-assessment and figure out where you want to improve most. You’d be surprised how life changes, the goal you thought you had is no longer the most important. I personally have seen my training goals and learning goals change as I had kids. Look into yourself and your skills and decide on a new goal.

Even if you change goals in a few weeks, you will probably still see some progress. You might start eating better, start improving physically, or maybe you’ll start learning that language you wanted. That’s up to you.

Today isn’t the day to get better at everything, today is the day to get better at something.


It’s About Getting Better!

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