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New Things are Happening!

It’s a really exciting time for me this fall. Not only am I finishing up my first semester of a Masters of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) with a great program at Edith Cowan University, but i’ve also joined forces with some extremely bright and talented professionals. I am happy to announce that I am working as an Athletic Development specialist at FITS in Toronto. FITS was started by Dr. Thomas Lam who is just an absolute pro, with a background of knowledge and experience that is world-class, in rehab and performance enhancement. He is going to have an enormous influence as a mentor and teacher for me, as I continue on my journey to become a true expert in this field!

I will continue to provide content here as well as provide content for FITS so keep an eye on that as well.

Do any of you guys have any exciting changes coming up?

Let me leave you with a video of my training partner Mike and his recent demolition of his previous pull PR! We’ve been crushing it lately in the gym and its showing!!


Cory Kennedy

2 comments on “New Things are Happening!”

  1. Mike Visconti says:

    As much as I hate Cory for posting this because this weight is still a work in progress, I have HIM to thank for this progress. 500 pounds on my 30th birthday doesn’t seem that far fetched after all.

  2. Melissa Macchione says:

    WOW! Well done Mike! You made that look easy.

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