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Moving In

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that I just moved to Ottawa (Kyle). Since I’ve been here, I’ve had a number of projects on the go but haven’t had a dedicated gym for personal training. Well, now I have one. I will now be training out of Gym-Max. You’ll still get the same training through Razor’s Edge Performance, only now I’ll be doing it out of an awesome gym in ottawa! Shoot me an email, and let’s start tackling some of those training goals!! Check it out:

GYM-MAX  is what many gyms aspire to be but few achieve.  The industry likes to call it “synergy”—one of those notions so intangible as to be pure fantasy—but at GYM-MAX  it’s real:  a fusion of all things positively related to health and fitness.  It’s also remarkably spacious (22,500 sq ft), beautifully lit and ventilated, hyper-clean, ultra-modern and at the same time surprisingly intimate.

Among the many concepts that makes GYM-MAX  unique is the fact that it features over 100 pieces of Magnum Equipment, 70 Cardio machines (with NO time limit) and a full Cardio-theatre TV system.  There’s a free KID-MAX training and play area (ages 3-14), a women-only section with circuit and free weights, group exercise room (with free Spinning, Yoga, Step and other classes), an Ideal Protein weight loss clinic, juice bar and more!

For your convenience, GYM-MAX also boasts spacious change rooms equipped with shower, sauna and locker facilities. And should you choose assistance and instruction by a top Certified Personal Trainers you will find those too!

After more than 15 years in the Ottawa area, GYM-MAX has developed a solid reputation and very satisfied membership.  Find out why, by contacting or visiting. We are located at 530 West Hunt Club Road off of Merivale Road.  Our phone number is 613-727-0496, or check us out on-line at

And now at Gym-Max,

It’s About Getting Better

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