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Movember Madness


I was really happy to see how much media attention breast cancer awareness received throughout october. It really has become a pink month. I don’t want to take away from breast cancer awareness, but with the coming of November it’s now time for prostate cancer awareness. If you haven’t noticed the sharp increase in moustaches on the bus or subway, be warned. It’s called Movember, where men grow moustaches in support of prostate cancer awareness.

I felt like it was important to do my part, so I have begun growing my Mo’. By the end of November I plan to be a spitting image of Magnum P.I.. I’m not sure if it’s possible to replicate his extraordinary masculinity but if I’m going to go for it, I’ve gotta go big.

I’ve updated my Mo’ Space so if you’re looking to see my progress or would like to donate to this worthy cause, then check it out!

Although growing a Mo’ is good, I feel like I’d be remiss if I didn’t do more to raise prostate cancer awareness. As a writer and health professional, I’m planning on doing some research and writing an article about prostate cancer by the end of the month. The focus will be on doing the right things, diet and exercise, to help you lower your risk of getting prostate cancer. Please let me know if you have any resources or information on the topic!

Good luck on your Mo’s and,


It’s About Getting Better!

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  1. Adding my support here for prostrate cancer research.
    Share a pie with your supporters this Thanksgiving.
    A lack of will power is not the cause for obesity. It is the replacement of sugar with high fructose corn syrup in all sweetened beverages and staple food that is causing the rapid rise in obesity in children and teens; an alarming rise in Hispanic children.

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