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Insulin and Heart Disease

Do you still think heart disease comes from fat?? Think again. There is mounting research that suggests that insulin and heart disease are linked, so step away from the refined carbs and sugar.



Insulin will follow

I’ve mentioned a few other times how insulin is having a tremendous effect on your health. I don’t claim to be a medical expert, but I try to research from those who know more than I do. Something I’ve seen over and over again is how hyperinsulinemia seems to lead to a whole host of health problems. Controlling insulin will lead to better health and weight loss. There’s a phenomenal engineer (Fat Emperor) who has teamed up with a number of cardiologists and delved into the world of insulin and heart disease. This video I’ve included below goes into great detail on the science behind how a diet with elevated blood sugar/insulin can lead to coronary heart disease and a myriad other health issues. Check it out, and go to his blog for more information.

Changing your health doesn’t have to be complicated, pick up a book or check out some websites (I’ve mentioned so many!) and start making small changes today.


It’s About Getting Better!


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