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Holidays, resolutions and commitments

It’s that time of year again; I’ve already heard friends and clients tell me about how much they ate and how out of shape they got over the holidays. I’m partially sympathetic, we all have these holiday parties and commitments. The fact that I’m a trainer doesn’t make me immune to this stuff, I just make fitness a priority in my life. That’s the real lesson. Nothing will come until you make it a priority. Many of you out there are going to make resolutions to lose weight, or get fit, or just “tone up”, but a number of you won’t actually achieve your goals. It doesn’t make me happy, it’s just a realization of having worked in the industry for years. I really do want to see people achieve their goals and hopefully some words of advice will help.
I’ve had a number of clients who have achieved great results and I’ve had other clients who barely changed at all, and it’s all in their control. Heck, some of the ones who had great results didn’t get them right away. You need to buy into what you want. Do you really want to lose weight/body fat? Then you need to be taking that into consideration with everything you do. Until your goal becomes one of the most important things in your life (even just temporarily) then you’ll constantly be avoiding the sacrifices you need to make to get those results. Are you going out with friends? Are you drinking when you shouldn’t be? Are you ordering something bad when there’s something better for you on the menu? These are the times when tough decisions need to be made. The question is, are you strong enough to make those tough decision?
You can. We all can.
You need to stand up to peer pressure, you need to second guess your choices and decide what’s really important. If this is truly something you want then let’s go and get it.
It’s About Getting Better!

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