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Fitness is important, this website exists because of this fact. We all know it’s important but we still have trouble at times; whether it be goal setting, programming, nutrition or actually getting to the gym. For me, it’s been the first and last of that list. Since moving back to Ottawa, I’ve been very busy with two jobs and I’ve been coaching/speed training quite a bit. Because of this, I found that getting to the gym for my own workouts is much more difficult. Most weeks I was only getting into the gym on the weekends, making my goal setting and direction a bit of a struggle. Well, as of late this has changed for the better. I’ve been able to get into the gym a few more times per week and I’ve been trying to complete a few challenges to give me direction. Much like Cory (@REPerformance1), Kane (@timbahwolf) and Jose,  I’ve been trying out the 100 pullup challenge, with an ideal goal of 10 min. So far, I’ve done it twice and have cut down my time significantly (14:40 down to 11:58) but the goal is still unreached. Tomorrow I’m leaving for Jamaica with my girlfriend so that may push back my completion date but it’s a trade off I’m more than happy to live with. Here is a video of my first attempt, the video for the second will be coming soon.


The other challenge I’m trying to reach is the bodyweight Snatch. For those who don’t know what it is, the snatch is an olympic lift where you have to bring a weighted bar from your hips (or the floor for a full snatch) and bring it over your head in one motion. It’s definitely not an easy movement and I’m nowhere near my goal yet, but it feels good to be doing them again. Training an explosive movement like that regularly is helping me stay athletic. Here is a video of myself doing a few snatches this week, more or less setting a baseline for the challenge.  Please ask for a trainer to help you if you’ve never done them as they are highly technical.


So that’s what I’m up to, what about you?? Are there any fitness challenges or goals that you’re currently undertaking? Do you have ideas about what you’d like us to try for the future? Are you looking for ideas for your challenge? Let’s get some comments going and see what everyone is up to!! When I get back from Jamaica I want to see lots of posts. For this week, my only challenge will be getting up off of the lounge chairs!



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