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Fitness Challenges

The most effective training programs are well thought out, planned long-term and designed specifically for you. If you don’t know that by now, then we need to work on that. We can save that for another day though, this is about fitness challenges.

Today we’re going to talk about a way to keep your training competitive or exciting. If you find your program is a bit boring, you can add in some fitness challenges to spice it up. I don’t mean that that’s all you’ll be doing, I mean just once in a while. Specific fitness challenges can create that competitive environment to push you a little further but they can also serve as a monitoring tool to assess your progress. As an example, if you’re an athlete who has plyos or maybe heavy leg work, you could do a pullup challenge to get some upper body assistance work in.



If you’ve followed our YouTube Channel, you’ll see that we used to post a ton of fitness challenges, many of which included Timbahwolf (Kane Sumabat). Kane trained A LOT, so to keep things interesting he used to do many similar fitness challenges. 

Videos of Fitness Challenges

What do I mean specifically??

Here are a few examples of Fitness Challenges:

  • 100 Pullup (1 2 3) – simply keep doing sets until you get to 100 and record your time, the lower the better
  • 100 Pullup + 200 Pushupgo back and forth until you get to the total. 
  • 100 pullup + 100 Dips – this has been referred to as the 200 workout and is similar to the one above.
  • Birthday Pullup Challenge – you have to do 10x your age, so if you’re 30, you have 300 pullups. Expect to spend an hour+ doing so. 
  • Bodyweight Bench Press  – Load the bar with your bodyweight and keep doing sets until you get to 100.
  • Ladder (2)– not exactly a challenge, but a fun way to get a short workout in. Pick 2 exercises. One starts at 10 reps and the other starts at 1 rep. Every set, the higher one loses a rep and the lower gains a rep. Keep going until you get to 1 and 10 in the opposite exercises. (1A + 10B, 2A + 9B, etc.)

So let me reiterate, these are not the backbone of your training program. These are weekly, bi weekly, or monthly fitness challenges to produce a different training effect, challenge you and keep things fun and competitive with yourself or your training partner. 

WARNING: These can be a significant increase in volume for you and will hurt if you’re not prepared. You may want to consider lowering the numbers to be more suitable to your current strength and conditioning levels. Just because I wrote 100 above, doesn’t mean that’s where you need to start. Be smart about your training. We all want to be like Logan or Captain America but they’ve had some biological assistance 😁.

We want to see what you guys come up with! Let us know what you’re doing as a fitness challenge, or better yet, put it up on YouTube! 





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