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5 Tips to Get Back on Track!

There are a number of reasons people get off track over the holidays but the only fact that matters is that they do. A fair number of people get the urge to come back in to the gym through resolutions, but some don’t. We need to get back! Whether you planned a trip down south, you want to take control of your health or maybe you missed your 2015 goals, either way, now’s the time to tackle it.

With spring just around the corner, let’s try and refocus and get back to the goals you set for yourself!

Here are 5 Tips to Get Back on Track!

1. Find a Partner

– We’ve discussed this extremely important aspect before but it’s very fitting right now. Find someone who is as motivated as you and they will help push and pull you along toward your goals, not to mention you get to do the same for them! People helping people, it’s beautiful…

2. Have a Plan

– Part of the reason people lose focus is that they have no plan. They have a goal, but no specific plan in place to get it. If you’re going into the gym to “wing it” and there’s nothing on paper, there’s a good chance you’ll stop short. Having a program on paper is a great way to keep you accountable when your mind is saying  you feel like taking the day off.

3. Eliminate Distractions

– This can go back to #1 for some people. If your partner is chatting so much that your workout isn’t effective, it’s time for earphones or a new partner. Ditch the smartphone before you enter the gym and get focused for each session, this will help with intensity, focus and will lead to progress.

4. Be on Time

– If you’ve followed 1-3 correctly, it means you’re in the gym focused and with a plan, now we need to make sure that the actual workout is being followed. Bring a timer or stopwatch (not on your phone if possible, see #3) and keep track of your rest periods. This will ensure intensity stays high and the desired training effect is achieved. As a bonus, you’ll probably cut down some empty time from your workout.

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5. Be a Writer!

– This applies to all aspects of your training. Write down EVERYTHING. Writing down your weights will help with progress and make sure you don’t take steps backward, writing down your goals will keep you focused, writing down your food intake will make it clear if you’re making the right choices and writing down your successes (measurements, pictures, achievements, etc.) will help keep you motivated and push you towards your goals!


Use these 5 tips and get back in the gym, your goals won’t reach themselves!


It’s About Getting Better!

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